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You Are Living During The Best Time In History

Something to keep in mind if you are feeling down

Wishing you all a nice day and if you're feeling down about something, remember:

- You are the 1/100000000 sperm that made it in the 0.001% of humanity's history where it's the most peaceful, warless era ever since the beginning of civilization.

- You live in a society where you have such an abundance of food that you're more likely to die from obesity than starvation.

- You are at a technological apex where you can get anywhere on planet earth comfortably within a day or two

- You can access more content than you can possibly consume, with unlimited access to knowledge, art, entertainment for FREE because of the internet.

- All of your basic needs are met, and machines are doing all of your time-consuming manual labor.- Hell, Even if you have absolutely no will to do anything whatsoever you're still living in a system that will REFUSE to give up on your right to live.

With that being said,

what do you have to risk? What do you have to lose? What's stopping you from doing what you want in life?

What's the WORST that can happen to you? People are living their lives so conservatively it's as if they're always on the edge of disaster and losing it all. Life isn't a slackline between two skyscrapers. Nothing happens if you fall, relax.

As far as history is concerned, you are living in a bubble gum fantasy chocolate chip sundae with the cherries on top kind of era.

So go out there and live your best damn life and have fun already.

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