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Got an idea? You + Us = Event³ 

Putting on a great event is a big project. Creating one with substance, style, and something to talk about is always easier with good vibe people by your side. 

We offer a hands-on collaborative approach to turn your events into great times, bringing in the right people to elevate your brand's image and presence in a creative way. Whether launching for the first time or planning a gathering to spark up interest or showcase the latest, we got your back. 




Production - Let us produce or co-produce your event with you to add the love it needs to have substance and style.


Consulting - Let us amplify and structure your event by providing consulting services that level up your experience. 

People & Talent AGENCY

Agency - We are specialized in booking artistic talent across a multitude of events. Our current roster holds over 150 artists from various disciplines.


Apply - Artists, vendors, sponsors, volunteers and event professionals can apply here 

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