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With What Colored Glasses Do You See The World?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Sacha Jones

How Changing Your Perspective Is the Key to a Better Life

We spend our time putting filters on pictures to embellish everything, but why don't we put filters on how we see our lives?

Why not consciously edit our perception of reality and make it more colourful, beautiful, lively?

Perspective is everything. You are deciding how you see your life through the lens in which you choose to see the world.

Feeling a lack of something? Put on glasses that zooms in on the glass half full. Something bad happened? Put on glasses that zooms out the negative and sees your life as a whole.

Sometimes things are too close to see, they become distorted as we get used to them being in front of us and miss that which we look at, but don't acknowledge or are not grateful for.

Other times we see in black and white. Putting situations in a box of yes/no, good/bad, have/don't have. We ignore that there's a whole palette of possibilities in between.

Your perspective is your responsibility

What you look for, you find. What you believe you see, you create. Be the designer of your input and the creative director of your output. Instead of focusing on what you don't have; crop the unnecessary, adjust the balance, enhance the color, raise the warmth, sharpen it and contrast it from what you do have.

If we live in a world obsessed by making our life look good on screen, let's be obsessed by making it feel good in our hearts and minds.

Now ask yourself ... How are you seeing & filtering this post in your mind right now?

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