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Our artist-run organization serves to create events and a creative club for visual artists, musicians and performative arts. In order to foster the creation of common artistic projects, we share resources and showcase works to the public through our monthly installment of the event ArtJam.

Starting in 2016 at Nomad Live's production studios, Sacha Jones had the idea to pool together all forces of the creative co-working studio and organize monthly meetings to connect and share people's works. This initiative soon became what was later known as ArtJam, where artists create or showcase their work in front of a live audience every month. Realizing the incredible value that artists were gaining from sharing their work with fellow creatives and the public, this eventually transformed into formally creating The World Is Yours, a non-profit that serves the needs of artists by organizing live event opportunities and a membership aimed at mutually developing creative careers. The rest is history.

ArtJam is a multidisciplinary event that simultaneously brings together live performances and creations from the city's visual artists, musicians, tattooers, filmmakers, photographers, performance artists and other inspiring local creatives. The event has become a staple in Montreal's cultural scene and has begun installments in Brooklyn, Toronto, Ottawa and Sherbrooke. Our mission is to provide independent artists with support networks, discounted creation spaces, and showcasing opportunities for live creators in music, performative and visual arts. We do this by hosting monthly public events and sharing the cost of studio spaces in Montreal (production studio, recording studio and white room studio).


Artists can simply participate at ArtJam or become a member of the creative club in which they have access to spaces, resources, gig opportunities and more, funded by the proceeds of the events and volunteer work. The goal is to maintain a healthy ecosystem for artists where they are supported in their efforts to create and present their works to the public.

Affiliated with Good Vibe People, located at Nomad Life. The organisation hopes to be able to gain access to grants to pursue and maintain its activities.

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