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A getaway to amazing local and international retreats

live a bucket-list experience 

Sublime adventure getaways and original wellness retreats that deliver

unique experiences to rejuvenate the human spirit.


Come on a journey into the scenic wilderness where we select

beautiful destinations with carefully curated activities

for seekers of adventure and blissful well-being.

Featured Local Retreats

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starting at $145/weekend

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starting at 130$/night

Featured International Retreats


-What's Included-


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5-day accommodations at Magnific Rock Surf and Yoga Resort. Walk out the front door right into the wave.

-Choice of Private or Mixed Rooms

-Delicious food, all your meals will be provided and include unlimited water, coffee and tea.

-Walk out the front door right into the wave.

-AC, WiFi, Restaurant, Pool and Bars.

Surf Lessons


From first time beginners to experienced surfers that want to improve their skills, our experienced guide Donovan will offer daily classes. 

-5x practical surf development lessons

-2x weekly theory in classroom on surf knowledge

-Board rental & access to board quiver

-Multiple surf trips to other breaks

-Action pictures + video and analyst coaching


Yoga & Meditation


Guided group yoga and mediation sessions by the waves to rejuvenate your soul and spirit after adventurous days.

-Daily group Yoga

-Daily Group meditation

-Health and wellness consultations



When you're not surfing or taking time for wellness rejuvenation, there are lots to do offsite.

-Boat Trips

-4x4 Excursions

-Horseback Riding

-Sacred Plant Ceremonies

-Free time to visit the surrounding areas

M e e t   D o n o v a n  

He's gonna be your tour guide, and is basically the best one you can have. Not only is he a great surf instructor, he's also one of the coolest people you'll have the pleasure to live next to. You're in good hands, with over 75 five star reviews on trip advisor, he's the dude you want to be around in a surf adventure trip.  

  "Polynesians believed that surfing was one of the highest levels of communion with the Gods. It was part of their Tiki religion. 

I created Liquid Sessions because I understand how important it is to interact with nature, connecting on a level deeper than mere observation. With this pursuit in mind I have traveled the world surfing and paddle boarding, accumulating experience with all types of ocean and fresh water conditions. These experiences are what created a desire in me to share my knowledge with people, to ignite in them the same love, respect and passion for surf and adventure that I have. Because for some people catching one wave can forever change their life."-

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