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Creative Executive

Hi there! I'm Sacha Jones, a Montreal-based creative director and event producer. Co-Founder of Good Vibe People and the mind behind its projects taking place in Montreal, Brooklyn, Toronto and beyond. The pandemic greatly halted most of our operations and I am now looking for work.

I am offering creative direction, marketing and event planning services for hire, freelance, consultations and 360 productions. In addition, the pool of visual artists, musicians and creatives that we've accumulated over the years holds connections to over 350+ talented people. If I can't do it, I know someone who can! 

At Good Vibe People I was responsible for creating the brand identity, copywriting, digital marketing and of course, event planning.

As a people person and lover of culture, I often participate in panels and conferences about creativity, arts and events in both English and French. I aim to inspire people to cross-collaborate to create a better, more innovative world and use creativity as a catalyst for positive change.

I'm hungry to create, eager to develop and ready to embrace new challenges.

Welcome to my portfolio. What can we do together?

Anchor creative

Creative Direction & Design

branding, Graphic Design, web pages

Copy, Graphic Design and web pages for events and digital marketing materials

Click to see lead pages I've designed and wrote copy for

Click to see event pages I've designed and wrote copy for

Video Content creation

Shows, Livestreams, Interviews, and Podcasts

video creation

contenu français

Entrevues, podcasts, conférences

Articles / writing

guest writing + Blog  (click to access article)

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Event production 

Production, coordination, branding, marketing

Event production

Here are a few events my team and I have put together

Responsibilities: creative direction, production, coordination, marketing

creative Hobbies

What I do for fun: Music , Merchandise, digital art and photography

just fo fun
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social media

Links to my social media

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
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