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The Launch of Good Vibe News: Positive Stories, Experiences & Creative Culture

Good Vibe People launches a bi-monthly show that aims to inspire us to see the world for the better.

This year has been hard on all of us morally, physically and spiritually. The news cycle is a powerful force that influences our perception of the world. As much as reporting on crises has become the norm in mainstream media, it doesn't have to be all bad. There is an opportunity to report on what's actually going well in the world. We believe that optimism for the future is the only way to truly make it work if we are to bring the positive changes needed for tomorrow. As the generation that will inherit this world, it is our job to bring about that change, and that process first starts by seeing what is beautiful about it and worth celebrating. The way we see the world has an effect on everything we do. If you see the passion, the creative ingenuity, the love and the progress, this can inspire us to do better. It makes us see a world that is worth saving and taking care of. Now more than ever, finding grounds for Optimism and positivity will be the most important fuel to keep us moving on, motivated and ready to take on the world. We hope that in some small way, we can create a ripple effect of goodness.

Check out the first two episodes below

Episode 2:

On this episode:

☛ In virtual experiences ⇨ Louvre museum tour & Rock & Roll Photography event

☛ In creative culture ⇨ James Turell creates art installation inside volcano, song of the week by Tom Grennan and art by Joana Choumali

Episode 1:

On this episode:

☛ In creative culture ⇨ Artist sneaks in to Photographs Elite Buildings, song of the week by Cri feat. Jesse Maccormack and art by Nicolas Bertrand

This project is entirely self funded, built on love and hope. If you want to get involved in some way or another, we welcome you with open arms. Our contact information can be found on our website.


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