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Outdoor Concerts In Nomadic Camping Experience

Pop up glamping village Hotel UNIQ presents a series of unplugged concerts and activities

Are you looking to make the most out of the last days of summer? We have the perfect activity for you: a stay at the innovative Hôtel UNIQ that's setting up in Tremblant, at the Domaine Saint-Bernard.

UNIQ is an ephemeral village that moves across the province looking for beautiful spots and exclusive experiences. This nomadic village is composed of beautiful lotus tents that are spacious and comfortable for a 'glamping' nature experience.

On top of that, a series of unplugged concerts with a selection of great folk, indie and traditional artists are taking place during the weekends exclusively this month. With a variety of activities and sights nearby, this is really the ideal getaway to fully appreciate the end of summer and the dazzling colours of autumn. Don't wait too long, as the spots are filling up fast.

It is also possible to admire the village and attend the shows at the cost of $15 during concert dates. A limited quantity of 25 tickets are available to purchase starting today.

Check out the lineup and dates below.

To reserve a glamping experience at Hôtel UNIQ in Tremblant:

To attend the concerts at UNIQ:


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