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ArtJam special edition at Village au pied du courant

The ArtJam series is returning after two years and is opening their season with a special edition at Pied du courant.

This unique outdoors edition will be free to enter and will feature over 20 visual artists, three live bands, a tattoo artist and a DJ. The village au pied du courant is an ephemeral village that gets programmed from June to September and is constructed as a beach boardwalk on Notre Dame's street nearby the Jacques Cartier Bridge. It is located on 2380 rue Notre dame Est.

That means that all your favorite ArtJam features will be happening during the day and with your two feet in the sand! The activities are set to happen from 6pm to 11pm. Drinks and food are available for purchase on site.

This edition's lineup can be found below :


Maité Coté

Bryce Aspinall

Stef Paz1

Michelle Takamori - Demonic Dreams Art

Maria Trujillo

Safae Mounsif


Catherine Filteau

Nicolann Doucet

Suly Boom

Katie Paglialunga

Helen Zhu

Nancy Johnson

Robert Davy

Audrey Anne Pronovost

Anita Kot

LP Montoya

Akira Auger

Kali Dubuc


Crystel Pereira

Millie Gribouilli

Andres Granados



Funkish Chavez

Super Freddy




LC Lespérance

Facebook event:

*Cancelled in case of rain*


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