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ArtJam Montreal Season Finale This Friday

Montreal's fan favorite ''artjam'' finishes season with a bang boasting a packed lineup of indoor and outdoor performances

from september to may, art lovers of montreal unite at nomad life on van horne to create, share, and enjoy the vibes of one of the city's most beloved events.

this year was marked by major milestones, the biggest being the expansion of the series to other cities such as brooklyn, ottawa and sherbrooke. The young event monthly is finally starting to find its own wings and exploring different horizons on both sides of the border. however, montreal remains its home and most popular market, drawing record crowds in the 2019 season.

the conceptual participative event that allows an open application process has derived great popularity due to its originality and ever-evolving lineup of artists, with a refreshing set of performances and expos at every edition.

The season draws to an end this friday may 31st, with indoor and outdoor performances on the terrace and over 20 visual & tattoo artists. alternating stages and moods with over 5 hours of non-stop live music, the finale is set to be quite a show even for the most seasoned artjammer. the event also extends an extra hour, for those who want to soak in the late night vibes until 4am.

don't miss the 29th edition this friday may 31st at nomad life, 129 van horne.

tickets are $15 at the door, $10 presale if you buy online. Encourage your favorite artist and get a rebate on your ticket by including their personalised promo code.


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