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ArtJam Montreal Is Recruiting Tattoo Artists For Events

ArtJam vol.27 Credits: Owen Wiltshire

ArtJam is a Montreal-born event that is now rolling out in other North American cities. The event brings together live performances and creations from the city's artists, musicians, tattooers, filmmakers, photographers, and other inspiring local creatives simultaneously. Each edition presents a fresh lineup of artists from all disciplines, collectively pushing the limits of creativity in a social and interactive setting.

The event series has announced it's 2019-2020 season with a total of nine dates from September to June.

ArtJam is currently looking for tattoo artists that want to set up shop at one of its events. This is a great opportunity for tatoo artists to get involved in the community and offer their services. Usually, they are very in-demand and tattoo until they drop.

Reasons to apply for ArtJam

- Free to participate and submit an application

- 0% commission for on-site sales of services

- Earn commissions for ticket sales online

- Connect with like-minded artists from all disciplines and an engaged, creative crowd of over 350 people per edition at one of the fastest-growing art events

- Instantly become a member to attend all other ArtJam events for free

Want to learn more about Artjam? Visit

Or copy-paste this link in your browser:


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