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ArtJam Montreal is Back and Accepting Artist Applications

ArtJam vol.29 credits NomadLife

The Artjam season in Montreal is back in full force as a new series of nine dates come out from September to June. On the first Friday of the month, creatives from all walks of life come together at Nomad on Van Horne in the Mile End.

After a big year with record attendance, the event series carries on its momentum to a fresh start with a season opener in September that utilized the good weather for an outdoor segment.

The application process is open until all slots are filled, typically of up to five music bands, twelve visual artists, two tattoo artists, one photo expo and one short film as well as space for other performance art and miscellaneous creations per edition. Curated by Good Vibe People, talent hunters scour the scene for the most interesting up and coming talent. The recruitment team also receives and reviews applications submitted to

See below the full schedule of ArtJam dates


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