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Aromatic Experiences
Aromatic Experience
Aromatic Experience Montreal
Jarome Aroma Artist

 Ignite your senses with aromatic experiences that provide unique sensations through creative fragrance-infused wellness events.

The aroma event series is a collaboration with Dutch perfumer and olfactory artist Jarome that artfully mixes and integrates the most pleasing scents to create

a deep sense of well-being through aroma-themed atmospheres that

relax, stimulate, and blend with the desired ambiance.

These events feature aroma mixing performances,

interactive installations and specially curated activities that enhance

sensations through blissful scent-driven experiences that provide natural highs.


 Aroma Performances

 Aroma themed performances that fuse an

Aroma DJ and a musical experience.

-Aromatic Soundbath Experience-

Fusing binaural beats and soothing sounds, this meditative event is currently booking dates in

Quebec & Canada for Spring & Summer 2021

 Aromatic Meditations

Aroma-themed guided meditations used to create an ambiance to bring the person in a meditative state. In this guided meditation, we put the focus on smell and deeply connect with this magical sense, evoking well-being for the mind, body and soul though a unique

scent-sory journey.

No meditation experience needed.

 Aromatic & Perfume Workshops

 At our perfume party workshops, you and your guests are the creators of your own organic perfume. Discover what fragrance suits your personality, fashion style or music preference!


You will be introduced to a variety of essential oils and how they are made, explore the olfactory families and learn how to make an accord by using top, middle and base notes. You are free to follow your own imagination and design your very own personalized perfume and label it with your

name or your brand.

 Aroma Art Activities

 Art that smells good.

Discover different pleasing aromas in each paint color, once all applied they create a pleasing perfume or a themed scent. The paints are also safe for body painting and are easily washed away. Great for multi sensory art projects and makes the space smell amazing.

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We value positivity, cross-collaboration and radical creativity in our contribution to developing acts, events & entrepreneurs in arts and culture.

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