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Marathi movie Vidya (Vidya) based on the Murder of Women is a story of a mother who is left shattered after her daughter Tia’s murder. Veda (Vidya) seeks revenge for her daughter’s murder and tries to fight the broken justice and criminal system. This movie has several remarkable aspects like the murder story, the way Vidya reacts to her daughter’s murder, and the way the trial goes on, which made me realize that the movie has something to offer to the audience. Synopsis: Vidya is a loving and devoted mother, who wakes up to the horrifying news that her daughter Tia has been brutally murdered. She needs answers to know what happened to her. While getting clues, she uncovers a sinister truth. She gets support from her friends and relatives and volunteers to be a part of the investigation. The film explores the maze of the criminal justice system and how Vidya takes matters into her hands. What I loved about Vidya : The way Vidya reacts to her daughter's murder is nothing less than brilliant and inspiring. When you hear or see something like this, I am sure you will feel the same, like me. Vidya is not just a mother who lost her daughter. She is an avenger. She has every right to pursue justice for her daughter's murder. The way Vidya confronts and fights the criminal justice system is nothing less than inspiring. I loved the courtroom sequences and the scenes in which Vidya confronts the cops and the forensic experts. Finally, the way Vidya takes matters into her hands, despite knowing that the police and the system will work against her, shows that there are some women who are strong enough to stand against the system. The cast : Vidya - Vidya Shende is an actress who has done a few Marathi movies. The actress has also acted in TV serials like Zee TV's Ahkaachi Pe Ek Baat. Vidya's performances are reliable and she has a lot of screen presence. She plays Vidya, the mother of murdered girl. She is a traditional Marathi mother who is not ready to give up on her daughter. She has every right to do so. Vidya is no less than a role model. She is brave, motivated and strong. Shruti Mahajan - Shruti Mahajan has a beautiful smile




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Maatr Hindi 720p Free Download odinreyg

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