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We aren't just event organizers.

We are community creation facilitators and live entertainment consultants.


Consulting & Organizing

In this phase we conceptualize the creative direction of the event, plan and organize the logistics, establish strategy to profitability and key performance metrics, organize hybrid or virtual event components, and take care of setting up ticketing and staff. 

Booking & Execution

We curate lineups and book acts to perform at events or for workshops. We take care of equipment and rider info, hiring technical professionals, pay-outs as well as performance contracts.

Another aspect is on-site merchandising, curating activities to increase on-site engagement and participation. 

Promotional Campaign

What we do to promote the event:

- Create relevant quality content (article, graphic design, video, podcasts, postering)

- Digital Marketing (Lead generation, Web & Social Media)

- Paid advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

- Leverage Goodvibepeople's platform and audience (Newsletter, Social media, Blog)

- Create customized campaigns to increase engagement and attendance through affiliates, gamification and special deals

- Micro and macro influencer marketing

- Put in place ambassador and incentive programs for peer to peer promotion

How to work with us


Hire us


Hire us on a specific project or on

an annual basis for year round engagement

A la carte options include:

-Production assistant

-Talent booking agent

-Logistics coordinator

-Promotional campaign manager

Co-production on a public event where there is a shared profit based on given resources

and a common agreement.

For this your organization must have a well established following, have a relevant event or experience that fits with our brand,

and be financially viable.


Get Sponsored

We occasionally sponsor certain events that

we think have potential. If you want to add your experience to our menu, please do so here.

Send us all relevant information about your event and we will reply with a proposal

if interested.

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