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La Montréalaise aims to be a 360 ° look at the modern millenial woman aged 21 to 35 living in the metropolis. It's no secret that Montreal women are of obvious value to locals and newcomers alike, with their own unique cachet. Despite the many placing these women among the most beautiful in the world, their charm goes much further than a mere physical characteristic.  ​The French seem to think that they look more liberated, confident and are more enterprising, both in terms of relationships and business.


This project aims to demonstrate the beauty and complexity of the human qualities of today's young Montrealers through the mediums of photography, music, video and performing arts through an event exhibition. This project is intended to be a broadcast of a series of female biographical portraits that directly involves the community in its realization. This biographical campaign aims to expose women of all styles, backgrounds, origins and contexts to demonstrate the feminine richness that defines Montreal by illustrating a mosaic of distinct and representative personalities of the urban setting.


The La Montréalaise project presents a cultural mirror to the collective experience, the purpose being to celebrate and admire, but also to understand and discover, what constitutes to the human fiber of these subjects.


To cover such a segment of the population, we are asking the help of several collaborators. On one hand we have a list of dozens of photographers and videographers to create the content of this exhibition.


We now turn to the population to help us create this exhibit. Submit a candidature below to showcase a woman that is impressive by her uniqueness, originality, look, or life story. Or perhaps you yourself are one of them, and you want to share to the world your story as well as what it means for you to be a Montréalaise.




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