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an urban wellbeing experience

Élévation is a self-development and wellness festival engaging mind, body and soul to elevate health, intellect and spirituality.


A three-day event, offering positive and transformative experiences, participants have the leisure to explore the event’s three key elements of vitality, zenitude and inspiration.

Summer 2020


This event aims to engage participants through a variety of activities that contribute to a better quality of life.

Local brands, professionals, and interesting people from different walks of life come together for the greater good of helping to shape individuals and making people better.

Event Program

Activities, screenings, conferences, products, and experiences are offered in 3 different zones throughout the festival.


conferences, workshops, screenings


Public Speaking
Self Motivation
Spirituality in Business
Veganism for beginners
Overcoming Anxiety
Financial Freedom
Optimal Health Nutrition
The Magic of Collaboration
and more...

Where Your Journey Begins

The desire to rise above one's current condition is fundamentally human.

It can be thought of as the study and practice of improving hard or soft skills in areas of mind, body and soul. Although the concept is universal, every journey is deeply personal.


It can be an entrepreneur who has an idea that can change the world and wants to improve productivity and physical health to be in the top form required to achieve it. It can be a single parent looking for a way to get ahead while managing obligations and providing financial security. It can be a student suffering from anxiety looking for a way to find inner peace to live a fulfilling life. It can be the high achiever looking for motivation and ideas to undertake something new because he/she feels jaded and unsatisfied with their current work condition.


Whatever the journey, it stems from a deep primal need to get ahead and be better than the day before. That desire feeds from the individual's most powerful force: the power of will.

Our Mission

To create a festival that

makes people feel empowered, uplifted and inspired through activities, ideas and products that help achieve their goals and

develop a better quality

of life.

The Path To Growth

Connect with a like-minded community of people interested in self-development of health, wealth, mindfulness and intellectual growth.

The idea is; why not combine the main pillars of self-development in a common event, offering curated engaging activities that are free and open to all

at an introductory level, and host it in a historical and inspiring space?

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