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Name: Zoe Boivin
Based in: Montreal

Originally from: Canada
Started pursuing their artistry: 

Artistic style & subject matter: Abstract painter

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About them

Inspired by the great artists of her generation whom she rubs shoulders with in her various work experiences, Zoé connects to her vision and in turn shares her essence and her passion for creating images, in order to make the world a little more beautiful in its own way, one emotion at a time.

Good Vibe People is a creative events & people agency that imagines and organizes original public experiences to connect like-minded crowds. Our goal is to generate positive connections by designing signature social happenings that inspire and uplift people in participative settings.

We value positivity, cross-collaboration and radical creativity in our contribution to developing acts, events & entrepreneurs in arts and culture.

In essence, we are generators of good vibes.

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T: 1-514-608-1761


Offices located in Montreal, Canada

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